Reseller Program

Become a Gamers Marketplace reseller and enjoy a myriad of benefits, including discounts, marketing materials and support services to grow your business and manage growing customer demand. Our Focused Partner Reseller Program aims to create more growth opportunities for you by offering attractive discounts on all our products while giving you the tools you need to succeed.

The higher the revenue, the higher the discounts! Depending on your total monthly recurring revenue, you could be entitled to discounts up to 20% on non-discounted items. In addition, you can receive discounts on bulk orders at all times, as well as other benefits, such as free or expedited shipping and VIP support.

As our reseller, you benefit from special promotions. Also, with the help of data center visits, case studies, and PR activities, we provide you better insight into our products and services, helping you to sell quickly.

You’re invited to take advantage of a number of tools designed to help you succeed further. We offer a dedicated account manager to act as your principal contact, conduct business planning with you, provide account-specific opportunities and help you utilize the program to its fullest.

We also offer an extensive database that contains detailed information and instructions about managing your products and services, including FAQs, and the possibility to receive free phone support, faster response time and other benefits.

Our global network of Focused Partner Resellers is integral to our continued success. Ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction depends on exceptional product rollout and distribution coupled with the expertise and specialization that our partners deliver.

We have streamlined the processes and structure of our new reseller program to make it easier for you to do business with us. Focused Partner Resellers like you can access our world-class sales and technical platforms to take advantage of the cross-sell potential in ancillary solutions within our extensive product portfolio. In recognition of your skills and investment in Gamers Marketplace, our new partner program rewards you with predictable profitability and a range of benefits.

We want to build relationships with industry leaders whose offerings complement and enhance our innovative solutions. If this is you, then we need to talk.

Gamers Marketplace’s Focused Partner Reseller Program gives you the opportunity to build a highly profitable, successful business online. Simply resell our products with your name as a qualified Gamers Marketplace Partner and enjoy the success we generate. We are established leaders in gaming with user-friendly attributes and the best prices, which translates into more sales and profits for you.

We are 100% channel focused and will only sell our products through our authorized reseller partners. These partners are an essential component to our business model, as well as our mission to provide the highest quality products, service and support to all of our customers. We understand the challenges of our partners and have designed programs to create new opportunities, improve customer retention and increase revenue and margins. Contact Gamers Marketplace today to learn more about our distinguishes Focused Partner Reseller Program.